Why buy from Intelliconn?

Intelliconn is a Canadian-based company with its offices located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Calgary, Alberta. 

We research all of our products and verify that they work together. Our cameras, monitors, and other monitoring and control products are tested to work with our long-range wireless and Wi-Fi connectivity solutions. 

We offer support for all of the products that we carry.

You are rural-ready. So are we.

We know bandwidth and data can come at premium, so our products are optimized to minimize bandwidth and data usage.

Our products are ready for the climate in the areas that we service. That means they are built to withstand our weather, year-round. 

We also include memory cards that we’ve tested to provide longer life in cold weather.

If you have questions about what solutions you need, please let us know. We’d be happy to suggest solutions as well as provide a custom quote and training session when needed.

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