All cameras are not created equal.

You can’t always be where your stuff is. High quality cameras record and let you see what is going on, no matter where you are.


The name says it all. You can have this low-cost, compact 1080p camera up and running in four minutes. Just plug it in to an AC outlet and fire up the app to connect the Wi-Fi and initialize the camera.

The CUBE Cam™ is an economical, high-quality, 1080p camera that's ideal for monitoring your home or shop.

The CUBE Cam+™ is an economical, high-quality, moisture and weather-resistant 1080p camera is ideal for monitoring your house perimeter, yard, or in your shop or barn.

CUBE Cam™ - Part no. 1112
CUBE Cam+™ - Part no. 1113


Weatherproof, dual-band (long-range) Wi-Fi camera with very high 1440p resolution (better than high definition) is ideal for monitoring your yard, driveway, corrals, buildings, tanks, or bins.

- View on PC or easy-to-use iOS or Android app
- Remote (world-wide access) viewing.
- 16GB SD card included
- Event notification via email
- Event driven 24/7 recording available
- Day and night recording IR LED equipped
- Audio recording
- Easy to install (3 step) process

VERSA Cam™ - Part no. 1130


Our top of the line cameras feature 3072p resolution for the ultimate in image clarity. The forward view camera has viewing angle options from 60 to 180 degrees and the omni-view camera has a 360 degree view field. Durability is assured with the impact resistant housing and multiple seals.

These cameras have unparalleled flexibility, with a moonlight pick-up and the ability to select multiple views with which to trigger alerts.

An experienced technician is recommended for installation.

Hemispheric lens indoor/outdoor camera - Part no. 1045
Dual wide-angle indoor/outdoor camera - Part no. 1044


Contact Sensor

Receive an alert if a door is opened or closed.

  • Connects to the internet automatically through local Wi-Fi network
  • Uses a magnetic sensor.
  • User customization allows the setting of frequency of readings and thresholds for length of time open for alerts via SMS text or email.

Infrared Sensor

Receive an alert if heat from a person, animal, or equipment is near.

  • Connects to the internet automatically through local Wi-Fi network.
  • Infrared sensor detects movement of people/animals within 5m range.
  • User customization allows you to receive notifications via SMS text or email the instant motion is detected.


Motion Activated Lights

Lite Motion F

Replace a flood light bulb an LED Motion Sensor Light. Activates for 90 seconds, 9 metre detection, 100 degrees.

Lite Motion B

Replace a regular bulb for an LED Motion Sensor Light. Activates for 90 seconds, 9 metre detection, 100 degrees.

Solar Motion G

Solar powered light is ideal for entryways, garage, pathways, and remote locations. Detection distance of 9 metres, detection range of 130 degrees.


Blue Lock

Lock it up and throw away your keys! Open and manage access to your locks with your smartphone. You can remotely give or deny others access to your locks.

Lock location information is provided whenever locks are opened or closed. Optional fob can be used to open lock.

ElanPush Lock

Replace a standard door lock with a medium duty electric keyless door lock. Illuminated keypad, latch bolt with deadlocking plunger.


Replace a standard door lock with an industrial Wi-Fi smart door locking system. The system is similar to the typeyou would find inhigh-end hotels or office buildings. Logs who and when someone enters your building.




Vehicle tracking that lasts for months. GPS 3G/4G cellular-based tracking device with vehicle 12 volt battery hookup.


Portable GPS 3G/4G cellular tracking device with an add-on battery (tracking lasts for months). The waterproof magnetic box (can be placed under vehicle.


5 to 10 days tracking between charges. Portable GPS 3G/4G cellular tracking device.


Driveway Sensors

DriveAlert Mag

Know when a vehicle has driven into your yard with this magnetic battery-powered sensor.

DriveAlert IR

Economical infrared driveway sensor with audible alarm (minutes to install).

DriveAlert Beam

Top quality solar powered wireless break beam driveway sensor system. Triple beams reduce the number of false alerts from small animals.


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