infield™ Communication, Monitoring, and Control Solutions

The infield™ communication, monitoring, and control solutions products are under development and targeted for beta release in 2018 and initial production in 2019.

The Problem

Increasingly, real-time connectivity is required to realize or optimize crop production and harvesting activities. Information from sensors must be obtained and process in order for application or control decisions to made and executed.

Currently, communication is done mostly using cellular or satellite on each power unit, implement, sensor, or control, which can be costly. Intelliconn’s infield™ system utilizes meshing wireless Ethernet and Wi-Fi to provide a much lower cost solution.

The Products

Wireless Ethernet bridges

Wireless Ethernet bridges are used when you want to wirelessly connect one location to another, sometimes referred to as point-to-point wireless communication. Bridges are used in pairs, transmit in a straight line, and must “see” each other (no obstacles). They can be used instead of running a CAT 5 or CAT 6 Ethernet cable from one location to another and usually cost less than running a cable. The maximum length you can run a cable is 100 metres, whereas bridges can transmit up to 8 kilometres (further if mounted higher).

Wireless Ethernet hubs

Wireless Ethernet hubs create a wireless Ethernet dome that can cover an area up to 5 kilometres in diameter. Additional Hubs can be used within the dome up to 2.5 kilometres away from another hub to access the wireless Ethernet signal. In addition to accessing the wireless Ethernet signal, each Hub creates a new dome allowing you to extend Ethernet coverage over large areas. Intelliconn’s Hubs also create a Wi-Fi access point or hotspot with a diameter of up to 200 metres.

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