Letters of Support for Intelliconn's Intelliconn's Commodity Data & Analytics Products

Dr. Grant Devine ‐ Agriculture economist / Past Saskatchewan Premier

To Whom It May Concern

The research that Intelliconn has undertaken over the last seven years has ultimately led to significant breakthroughs in the agtech industry. My experience advising the company has allowed me to appreciate their contribution to agricultural producers world‐wide and to the entire food supply chain.

Some important facts need to be identified: The majority of the grain and oilseeds grown on farms are under‐valued as they are sold into the market place; The supply chain experiences multiple costly decision points in its attempt to compensate for the inaccurate identification of product quality; To date it has been virtually impossible for producers to generate an accurate and professionally reliable sample of large volumes of grain at the time of harvest and farm storage; While the digitization of agriculture has occurred at the production level at a breath taking pace, the product itself is stuck in the world of analog and all its inherent inefficiencies; The food chain manufacturers and suppliers desperately want to trace their product from production through to the consumer for sustainability and confidence. They can't...a visual analog evaluation doesn't cut it.

Accurately sampling grain at the production level leads to multiple industry benefits that significantly address the challenges identified above. Intelliconn has designed a sampling prototype that does the job...it needs to be in the field to be observed and employed by the industry. I have not met a producer that would not want to know the exact quality and condition of his product at harvest time....the benefit of market power; the value of his new found accurate knowledge to buyers and the food chain; and his new ability to market directly anywhere in the global market place employing block chain digitized data. The sophisticated software technology designed by Intelliconn does all this in real time.

I am confident that the research carried out by Intelliconn will lead to the next evolution in the agriculture industry.

Dr. Grant Devine SOM,FAIC,CAHF,PAg.
Brad Hanmer ‐ Partner of Hanmer Joint Venture / Co‐Founder, President and CEO of SynergyAG

As a partner of a 114 year old farming operation and co‐founder of an independent agricultural crop input retail chain, I take pride in researching and recognizing technological improvements in western Canadian production agriculture. Intelliconn is an innovative company with grain sampling and tracking technologies that have tremendous potential in converting our traditional commodities into products by enhancing value as it moves along the value chain. The combination of agronomy, applied science, sustainable production practices and genetics can now start to be tailored to end use customer’s needs – Intelliconn has the potential to preserve the identity of products and start the value chain process.

The Intelliconn sampling system has the ability to have real time data analytics which is a crucial advancement for our modern digital capacities. This sampling system empowers not only primary producers, but the Canadian agriculture value chain in being more responsive to global opportunities.

Brad Hanmer, B.S.A.
Ron Kielo, President of K6 Holdings Ltd.

This endorsement is from Ron Kielo with K6 Holdings Ltd. from Delisle, Sk. We are a grain farming company in Saskatchewan with 10,700 acres of crops annually. I am the president of that company.

I am very excited about the new products from Intelliconn for sampling and organizing grain samples. This is important for a modern farm enterprise as you need an accurate sample of your production to give to the many markets that are looking to supply. There is a high need to be able to match the sample that you provide when you ship to avoid being downgraded. This will happen frequently if the sample is not consistent and can cause considerable monetary loss. The system will more than pay for itself in better returns from the sale of production.

Ron Kielo

Merv Berscheid ‐ Owner / President of CGF Brokerage and Consulting, Saskatoon, SK

CGF's protocol is to trade grain by having the seller submit a representative sample of the commodity that they want to trade. Upon receiving a representative sample CGF will analyze in detail either in house or by a recognized analytical body ie (SGS). To better describe the commodity being traded CGF will scan an image to better establish, for example, the colour of Green Lentils. CGF has developed a process to eliminate the subjectivity of establishing the degree of colour by making it objective and putting a number to it.

To that end Intelliconn's Grain Data & Analytics (ingrain sampling system) would eliminate two things.

1. The chore of the seller obtaining a representative sample of the commodity traded
2. Without question supplying a true representative sample of the whole lot to be traded.

So, with these objectives achieved CGF would be even better equipped to assure the buyer that the commodity traded is indeed what the buyer has purchased.

Kind regards Merv

Chris Hammel ‐ Lewis M Carter Mfg (Canada) Ltd.

To whom it may concern,

My name is Chris Hammel and I am the Sales Manager at LMC in Saskatoon. LMC has been in operation since 1986, providing seed and grain cleaning and processing equipment to customers in Western Canada and Internationally for over 30 years. During that time we have met with thousands of customers and farmers and viewed many inventive ways that they collect and store samples. It is a process that is certainly inventive, but currently lacks consistency and accuracy. In this new age of Food Standards, it is a process that needs revamping and is in dire need of a clear direction.

I am excited by Intelliconn’s Grain Data and Analytics product line because it brings both of these things to the sample collection process. Just as importantly, their solutions begin at the source – the farmer’s storage bins. Giving our farmers access to better information about the actual crop that is sitting in each of their bins, not only helps them market their products more efficiently, but also helps streamline the process with the grain buyers and seed cleaning companies they may be dealing with. In addition, having a consistent, accurate system that everyone can adopt will help to bring a standard that everyone can trust and follow.

Chris Hammel
Dave Anderson ‐ Senior Investment Advisor

Please accept this email in support of the Grain Data & Analytics technology being developed by Intelliconn Communications.

I am an Investment Advisor that deals with a number of farm clients. My background and education are also heavily influenced by agriculture in Saskatchewan.

The ability for a farmer/client to have an organized and accurate record of their grain inventory would be of great benefit to all of my producer clients. The ability to manage inventory at the time of harvest, in preparation for a sale, and the ability to communicate an accurate representation of the quality of inventory, would be extremely helpful to my clients in their efforts to market their grain efficiently and profitably.

Dave Anderson BSA (Ag Econ)
Peter Lacey - Board Chair - Cervus Equipment Corporation

To whom it may concern,

I am one of the founders, largest shareholder and Chairman of Cervus Equipment Corporation. Cervus’s origins started as a single John Deere dealership in 1982. Cervus became a public company (TSX:CERV) in 2000 and now operates 63 John Deere, Peterbilt and material handling dealerships across Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In 2017 we achieved over 1.2 billion dollars in revenue.

I have been a board member and investor of Intelliconn since its inception. I believe that data acquisition and analytics will be one of the largest components of commercial agricultural operations in the future. With hundreds, if not thousands of land-based sensors, data acquisition and communication between intelligent farm equipment, autonomous equipment, remote monitoring, that there was a large gap between agricultural data communication options today and what would be required in the future. I felt that Intelliconn’s strategy of leading the way with existing technology and developing data communication infrastructure for producers, was a way to capture market share and keep producers current with communication infrastructure technology as it continues to advance.

The Grain Data and Analytics tools are an important component of the Digital Farm and fits well within Intelliconn’s original vision. Expectations of purchasers will only increase dramatically as technology permits such data availability. Country of origin laws, residual herbicide, GMO/non GMO, time and location, protein, moisture, organic, seed strain, crop growth history and hyper-spectrometry information are just some of the data points that will eventually be demanded by grain buyers. Producers that are digitally capable of providing this information, eventually through blockchain, will be able to achieve premiums, until it becomes an expectation just to be able to sell grain.

I think Intelliconn will be able to align with strategic partners to help build a strong foundation for this infrastructure which will be a critical requirement for farming in the near future.

Yours Sincerely,

Peter Lacey
Chris Chivilo - CEO/President - W.A. Grain & Pulse Solutions

I am the CEO for W.A. Grain Holdings Inc. We own W.A. Grain & Pulse Solutions, New Leaf Essentials (East & West), and are part owners in Origin Malting & Brewing Company Ltd.

Between our companies, we own 8 facilities that rely on accurate sampling by producers, as well as accurate sampling and data tracking at our facilities. The inGrain™ system and its data tracking will ensure that samples collected will be representative of the product once delivered, and also that the product will be tracked accurately once received at our locations. Having the ability to “scout” and choose samples on-line from our producer suppliers, as well as giving our buyers the access to such “shopping” methods, will make converting to a blockchain tracking system in the near future much easier.

We forsee tracking from harvest time, right though the facility system, and to the buyer’s door, using inGrain™ system and cloud technology. We are looking forward to the rollout and installation of our first system and the use of the system by our growers.

Yours Truly,

Chris Chivilo
Phillip Stephan - Vice-President, Agriculture/Biotechnology Saskatchewan Research Council

As a long-standing service provider to the Canadian agriculture industry, the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) recognizes the tremendous potential of Intelliconn’s ingrainTM technologies to empower producers with more timely, accurate and impactful information. ingrainTM promises to benefit all aspects of the grain value chain and support global food security by delivering the critical data that both producers and consumers need to make better, more well-informed decisions.

SRC is one of Canada’s leading providers of applied research, development and demonstration (RD&D) and technology commercialization. With more than 350 employees, $75 million in annual revenue and over 71 years of RD&D experience, SRC provides products and services to its 1,500 clients in 20 countries around the world. SRC is a market-driven company, selling services in Saskatchewan and around the world. Drawing upon the expertise of our research and technology teams in key strategic sectors, we provide our clients with Smart Science SolutionsTM, while developing and creating new concepts and processes.

SRC is well-positioned to support and accelerate the development of Intelliconn’s ingrainTM technologies through the provision of enabling RD&D services, such as:
  • Market and business intelligence to identify optimal sensor technologies
  • Independent technology review and assessment
  • Prototype conceptualization, development, design and fabrication
  • Optimization and ruggedization of product prototypes
  • Custom grain analytics and laboratory services
  • Algorithmic correlation of sensor data with conventional laboratory measures of grain quality
I am pleased to write this letter supporting Intelliconn as it develops next generation, smart technologies targeting the Saskatchewan and global agrifood industry. I certainly welcome discussing this further as required.

With kind regards,

Phillip Stephan, BSc, MBT
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