Description: Wi-Fi inside and outside of the main shop

Problem solved: The owner wanted to monitor activity inside and outside mutiple buildings. Cameras were installed at both ends of the shop as well as inside. A camera was also installed near the quonset to monitor the fuel tanks.

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Description: Installation of a multi-camera system for a manufacturing and distribution company

Problem solved: A company's president wanted to complete internal and external views for security and operations management. 13 Mobotix high-resolution cameras were installed. The cameras all have internal recording and the event software and can also be viewed in real-time on the operation manager’s computer.


Description: Large farm yard Wi-Fi coverage in multiple buildings.

Problem solved: Farm owner wanted to extend Wi-Fi signal over the yard and to his shop. The customer purchased two Wi-Fi Hubs for Wi-Fi throughout the entire yard, and an Indoor Access Point for his shop to get Wi-Fi inside his metal shop. He was pleasantly surprised how well the installation went.

Description: Large farm yard Wi-Fi coverage and cameras

Problem solved: A large farm owner wanted to see activity on his operation, from his shop, house, or remotely. He also wants to use the Wi-Fi to monitor or control his bins, tanks, and other devices. We installed 9 cameras and 4 Wi-Fi Hubs.

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Description: Wireless bridge between two residences.

Problem solved: A house on an acreage had very poor Internet service. We installed a wireless bridge to a house in town with a good Internet connection. The acreage now has a 15 Mbps Internet connection.













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