Watch what’s important to you. No matter where you are.

Whether you want cameras for security, or to keep track of your operation, our cameras are rugged and durable, so you can see what’s going on 24/7, 365 days a year. The continuous internal recording doesn’t tie-up your Internet bandwidth and the built-in software and sensors detects activity and notifies you.


Commodity prices are the only thing that should be hot.

Connect to your bin sensors and fans using Wi-Fi and make sure you investment is staying at optimal quality, for however long it is in the bin.

Once you install farm-wide Wi-Fi you no longer have to pay cellular charges to moitor your bins.


Never run out. Never run over.

Our tank monitor lets you keep track of the quantity in your tanks, so you don’t run out, and you get an alert when the level changes (even in the middle of the night).


Keep your family, employees and animals healthy and safe.

Our Wi-Fi connected smoke and CO detectors constantly monitor air quality and alert you if there is a problem, so you can react quickly and prevent loss of life and property.


Increase security and save money and time with remote control.

Our Wi-Fi activated AC outlets and switches let you control, lights, fans, block heaters and other equipment from wherever you are. Use the time programmable feature to save money and time.


Lock it up an throw away the key.

Our Smartphone activated padlocks and door locks eliminate keys and let you decide who gets in where and when.

The phone app tracks when locks were accessed and allows you to remotely allow, or deny, access as well as setting allowable access times.

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