Installation of a grain drying system

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We purchased a new grain Drying system, from Brock Grain Systems. Included was the SUPERB ENERGY MISER SQ Series dryer system. 

Brock Grain Dryer System 2




The Brock system was installed with the new Quantum grain Dryer Control System. The new system gives you real time monitoring  and control of the entire grain drying process. Its control panel is easy and simple to use, the only complaint I had was the fact I needed to go to the panel and check it on a regular basis. (twice an hour). Quantum provides a solution that allows you to monitor and control the system from the Internet. All I had to do was get the internet from the house to the Grain Bins located 1000 feet away. 

Intelliconn set me up with their reasonably priced, easy to install  InTouch Ultra Wi-Fi system. In a matter of hours, the Wi-Fi system was setup, and I had Quantum help set up the cloud based control and monitoring system. I no longer need to walk to the grain bins every ½ hour, I am now able to monitor and control the system from the convenience of my house using my PC or from anywhere using my tablet or smart phone.  As a side note I can now get Wi-Fi on my phone from anywhere on the farm yard, and no longer need to use my cell phone data plan.  I can listen to my apple music or text anyone without having to rely on my cell data plan.    

The system consists of the Quantum Controller which is connected to the Intelliconn Ultra Wi-Fi receiver. The Intelliconn Receiver is mounted on the side of a grain Bin and is pointed towards the house, through another set of bins and a row of trees.

Receiver hookup to Quantum Grain Dryer ControllerReceiver getting Signal from the house thru trees copySending the Signal through a row of trees one set of bins 

On the top of the roof of the house, an Ultra Wi-Fi hub is mounted and connected to my router which through my Internet service provider gives me access to the Internet. The system works perfect, thanks Intelliconn!

Install Hub Gateway from the Router to the Farm Yard2Intelliconn Install Grain Dryer Control

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