Dr. Grant Devine joins Intelliconn

Former Saskatchewan Premier, Dr. Grant Devine has joined Intelliconn Communication Solutions Inc.’s advisory team. “We are pleased that Dr. Devine has chosen to advise us” says Ken Jackson, Intelliconn’s CEO. “I have always admired his vision for Saskatchewan and the agriculture sector. Intelliconn has enormous potential and we need people with the vision and experience to help us realize this potential”.

While Dr. Devine is most recognized for his two terms as Premier of Saskatchewan, he has many other accomplishments in academia and business. He has received the Saskatchewan Order of Merit, is a Fellow of the Canadian Order of Agriculture and a member of Agriculture Hall of Fame. He recently moved to Saskatoon from the 5,000 acre farm and ranch he has owned and operated since the mid-seventies. “Efficient communication and movement of data in and out of the farm is crucial to successful, profitable, farming”, says Dr. Devine. “Intelliconn has a unique product set that helps keep you connected, and in the driver’s seat, to efficiently run your farm.”

Intelliconn is a Saskatoon-based company that provides long-range Wi-Fi and remote monitoring and control solutions for rural customers. Products like cameras, temperature and water sensors, and remote power controls, improve safety, security, manageability, and profitability for rural-based individuals and businesses. “People that live outside of urban areas have an even greater need for these types of products than urban dwellers, but access has been very limited due product suitability, access, and support”, says Jackson.

A next generation long-range Wi-Fi product is a key aspect of what Intelliconn offers. Wi-Fi, which is crucial to connecting most devices today, traditionally doesn’t have the range required for outdoor applications. Intelliconn’s long-range Wi-Fi and wireless Ethernet products can cost-effectively provide Wi-Fi coverage over kilometres of area.

“Although our products have a strong technology foundation and fit under the Internet of Things (IoT) products category,” says Jackson, “we try to avoid using the “T” word (technology). Our goal is to provide simple, easy to use solutions, that enhance quality of life and peace of mind. We’ve built Intelliconn based on a business model similar to that of Apple and Nest, who have amazing technology, but make it easy to use”.

Intelliconn is located in Innovation Place in Saskatoon. Their website is Intelliconn.com.

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