Scott Cunningham joins Intelliconn

Scott Cunningham

We are happy to announce that Scott Cunningham has joined Intelliconn as our CFO/CRO.

Scott brings over 25+ years of experience in strategic start-up operations, capital raising, project management, and business development to his role as CFO/CRO Intelliconn.

Scott also brings valuable insights into building unique and energetic enterprises having been involved most notably as Vice President of Business Development for Wmode, which sold to Appdirect in 2015, and record breaking Network Rollout of Oskar Mobile, which subsequently sold to Vodafone in the Czech republic.

Before his technology transformation, Scott was a principle and development manager for a series of commercial real estate development projects throughout Canada.

Scott is a versatile and comprehensive executive comfortable in raising money and selling product with an International network and key business development skills. He has a B.Comm (Hons) from the University of Manitoba and won the first Student Entrepreneur Award presented by the faculty.

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