Intelliconn Ag West Biotech presentation results in partnering discussions

The “How digitizing grain will feed another billion people” presentation Intelliconn made at the Ag West Biotech presentation on Monday was well attended and covered by CTV news. Wilf Keller, CEO of Ag West Biotech opened the presentation and Dr. Grant Devine shared his thoughts on the substantial potential for Intelliconn’s ingrain product, as well as the opportunities for the University of Saskatchewan and the province to get involved.

The Intelliconn presentation was given by Ken Jackson, Intelliconn’s CEO, followed by a number of questions. Several attendees also voiced support for Intelliconn’s initiative, including the University’s Dean of Engineering and Provost. Rob Norris, Senior Strategist for Partnerships with the University, and a previous provincial cabinet minister, commented on the importance of this initiative both the University and to the Protein Industry Canada’s Super Cluster.  Michael Oelck, with Canadian Carnation BioProducts commented on the international application and scalability.

The event resulted in plans to for an MOU with the U of S to cooperate on research and a commitment to partner with the Protein Supercluster. We will also be following up with two potential significant investors.     

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