Intelliconn is a proud partner of Olds College Smart Farm

Intelliconn is providing the Olds College Smart Farm with wireless ethernet Hubs that provide a 5km diameter wireless Ethernet dome, plus a Wi-Fi hotspot. Multiple Hubs mesh together so additional Hubs can be easily added to expand the required coverage.


Intelliconn’s wireless products allow the Olds College Smart Farm to have farm-wide constant connectivity. Smart Farm personnel are provided with immediate and current information with which to make informed and timely decisions. The required action to execute those decisions can then be taken immediately.

Being a partner in the Olds College Smart Farm provides Intelliconn with an increased understanding of the connectivity challenges and issues facing agricultural producers today, whether it be the radio frequency connectivity aspect or the specific Internet of Things (IoT) device connectivity.

You can find more information about the project here:

Intelliconn Old Smart Farm Hub

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