Intelliconn teams-up with Telus and Olds College

Intelliconn and Telus will be providing the wireless communication for Olds College’s Smart Farm project. “We want this project to be a living lab to demonstrate smart farm products and technologies”, says Jason Bradley, head of the Olds College Smart Farm project. 


Telus and Intelliconn are partnering to provide the wireless farm-wide connectivity that is crucial for getting information on crop conditions, as well as field and yard activity, and then relaying action commands to equipment or employees. Telus is providing cellular-based LTE and LTE-M connectivity and Intelliconn is providing the farm-wide wireless Ethernet and Wi-Fi communication.    

“The Smart Farm project is a much needed initiative to demonstrate the various technology-based products that are currently available. We are excited to be working together with Telus and Olds College to show how smart products can improve farm productivity, safety and security” says Ken Jackson, CEO of Intelliconn.

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