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  • Compact, weatherproof wireless communication hub for getting your network where you need it on or off your site. 
  • Uses an integrated omnidirectional antenna to communicate with other hubs or with the Directional Receiver. No need to aim or optimize the antenna, just initialize it, mount it, connect it, and let it mesh. 
  • Provides a Wi-Fi signal for your laptop up to 400m away, meshes with another hub up to 4km away in clear line of sight.
  • Connects to your internet router/modem and acts as a gateway from your internet service provider to other hubs or receivers; 
  • Provides an integrated Wi-Fi access point; 
  • Can act as a high speed wireless relay between two adjacent hubs, 
  • Can provide an Ethernet access point for another IP device, such
    as a surveillance camera. 

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