Mobile Cellphone Signal Booster

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Mobile CX6 30dB 3G 4G LTE Extreme Power 6-Band Cradle/Coupling Boosters

  • Whether you are in a low coverage area or just need a faster data connection, our cell signal booster will keep you connected.
  • Our cellular booster kits are available in standard and pro configurations to suit your needs. The kits are easy to install, durable, and easily transfer to other vehicles.
  • Highest power coupling booster on the market - Boosts 4G LTE and 3G signals for all networks
  • Improves 4G LTE and 3G voice calls and increases data speed for all cellular devices
  • Self regulating, easy to install, no maintenance required
  • Ideal for remote locations greater than 10 mi. (15 km) and up to 35 mi. (60 km) from the nearest cellular tower 
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