What is an ACCE™?

  • Acronym for Advanced Communication and Control Expert

  • An individual with sales or installation experience that sells and/or installs Intelliconn’s intouch™ Wi-Fi Communication products and incontrol™ Remote Monitoring and Control products.

  • Sales specialist ACCEs™ focus on supporting our retail dealers and developing sales with the dealers’ customers. Installation specialist ACCEs™ install and support Intelliconn’s products. If you have sales and installation skills, or support skills, you will be involved in all aspects of the retailer and customer relationship.

Why become an ACCE™?

  • Be your own boss and take control of your career.

  • Make $100,000++ per year income.

  • Sell and/or problem-solving, in-demand, technology-based, products in a large and thriving market.

  • Work from your home.

Who are my customers?

Your primary customers are rurally-located businesses including producers (grain, poultry, dairy, cattle, etc.), ag inputs and equipment retailers, commodity processors, and shippers. Many of your customers will also have residential or recreational property requirements.

What products and services would I sell?

  • Ultra-long-range Wi-Fi and wireless Ethernet products

  • Cameras

  • Bin and tank monitoring products

  • AC outlet and switch controls

  • Smoke, water, and temperature alarms

  • Smartphone-operated locks

  • Grain sampling and tracking system

Do I have a defined territory?

You will have a defined territory of 100 - 150km radius around your home-base.

What support does Intelliconn provide?

  • Promotion and lead generation through trade shows, advertising and social media

  • Product literature, technical information

  • Vehicle graphics

  • Point of sale displays

  • Clothing and customer swag

  • Technical support required to develop the sale

  • Inventory

  • Installation management

  • Billing

  • Leasing

What are the qualifications to become an ACCE™?

You should:

  • have approximately 10 years of sales or technical experience
  • be self-motivated and self-disciplined
  • like working semi-independently from a home office
  • be comfortable driving 30,000+ km/year

How do I become an ACCE™?

  • Apply to Intelliconn

  • Go through interview process with Intelliconn

  • Commit

Apply today.

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