Be in touch and in control. All the time. No matter where you are.

Remotely controlling your stuff lets you act, or react, quickly, no matter where you are, saving you time and money.

Whether you want to give someone access to a building or property, turn on the lights, turn off a fan, or turn up the heat, you can easily control all your assets with the touch of a button on your Smartphone or tablet.

You can’t always be where your stuff is, so remotely monitoring activity at your home, shop, yard, or cabin gives you peace of mind that your assets are secure and your employees or animals are doing what they are supposed to.

You can monitor a wide range of activities or equipment, like letting you know when someone comes in or goes out of the driveway, if a door is open, or if it’s time to re-order fuel or propane.

All of our Easy Connect™ products connect via Wi-Fi and are simple to install and enable.

Constant connectivity is crucial to staying in touch.

Whether you are checking on the kids, the cattle, or who just turned in the driveway, our intouch™ products help you be better connected to your buildings, properties, and equipment.

We can help you get connected to a better Internet connection, and then give you Wi-Fi from 20 meters to 20 kilometers, so you can access the Internet form almost anywhere.

Our next-generation technology has repeating and meshing features that allow you to easily connect multiple wireless Ethernet, or Wi-Fi ULTRA™ products, in multiple locations.

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