Increase your profitability and security with remote monitoring and control.

Be in touch and in control. All the time. No matter where you are.

Constant connectivity is crucial to managing your operation. Receiving timely, accurate, information and acting immediately can add tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

We increase your connectivity to the Internet, your assets and employees, so you get current information, which you can act on quickly. We help you get the best Internet connection possible with our Internet Research and Recommendation service and then let you access the Internet from almost anywhere using our next-generation Wi-Fi products.

Our Wi-Fi ULTRA™ products utilize new meshing technology and have ultra-long-range capability, so we can give you Wi-Fi from 20 meters to 20 kilometers.

Giving you Wi-Fi all over your buildings, yards, bin sites and fields is now possible, so you can have constant, real-time, connectivity.

Keeping track of activity at your property or facilities gives you peace of mind that your assets are secure and your employees are doing what they are supposed to. Controlling devices remotely lets you act or re-act quickly and saves you time and money.

We increase your remote monitoring and control capability to ensure you are getting the information you need and have the control you want.

Our solid-state cameras record events and alert you of activity. Our sensors and controls keep you in in control of your property, facilities and stored commodities.

Intelliconn’s products utilize the Internet of Things (IoT) standards, including Wi-Fi connectivity and app - based user control.

All of Intelliconn’s products are rural ready. The limited bandwidth in most rural areas limits the amount of information you can transfer quickly. Intelliconn’s products require minimal bandwidth. Our cameras have built-in recording. They don’t stream to the cloud. You only need to access them through the Internet if you want to check on a specific event.

Let us get you in touch.

Let us get you in control.

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