Intelliconn plans to launch its new ingrainTM   grain sampling and tracking product on a limited basis this fall. The ingrainTM system provides an automated, comprehensive, solution for grain sample acquisition and tracking. The Sample Acquisition Module is mounted on the end of a grain auger, conveyor, or other grain stream and acquires small cross-cut samples which are transferred to a Splitter Module where the samples are split into up to six identical samples.

The samples are collected and stored in special containers with RFID and QR codes that lets the containers be automatically identified. The system is operated by your Smartphone, with all the sample related information being relayed to the cloud, where it can be easily accessed. This product was initially developed through a joint venture between ATI Agritronics, LMC Canada and Objectified Software. Intelliconn acquired the technology in 2016 and has continued the development. Two videos showing the product concept and early prototypes are below:

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