Intelliconn and Telus will be providing the wireless communication for Olds College’s Smart Farm project. “We want this project to be a living lab to demonstrate smart farm products and technologies”, says Jason Bradley, head of the Olds College Smart Farm project. 

Telus and Intelliconn are partnering to provide the wireless farm-wide connectivity that is crucial for getting information on crop conditions, as well as field and yard activity, and then relaying action commands to equipment or employees. Telus is providing cellular-based LTE and LTE-M connectivity and Intelliconn is providing the farm-wide wireless Ethernet and Wi-Fi communication.    

“The Smart Farm project is a much needed initiative to demonstrate the various technology-based products that are currently available. We are excited to be working together with Telus and Olds College to show how smart products can improve farm productivity, safety and security” says Ken Jackson, CEO of Intelliconn.

There is a lot of talk about blockchain and how it can improve information integrity and traceability. However, one of the challenges with blockchain is that the quality of the information you get out is only as good as the quality that goes in. Intelliconn’s ingrain™ grain quality tracking system automates grain sample acquisition, splitting, and sample management, which removes the potential for human error.
The ingrain™ system can be used on the farm, at the delivery point, or for container or rail-car loading. Sample acquisition is done continuously from the grain stream and split into up to six sub-samples. The sub-samples are sealed and RFID and QR coded, for easy identification. Grain volume, temperature, and moisture are also checked and tracked to determine risk of spoilage.
The information related to the samples is relayed to the cloud where it is securely stored and can be accessed by authorized individuals, including producers, sample testers, and buyers. The information is protected by blockchain, so the integrity can be easily validated.
The ingrain™ system is in the final stages of development and Intelliconn plans to start selling the product by the end of the year. 
Additional information on the ingrain™ system can be found at:

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Intelliconn has been selected as a SABEX award finalist for the New Business Venture Award, which recognizes a new business with positive performance in profitability, job creation, or entrance into new markets. The SABEX Awards Gala, sponsored by Nutrien, takes place Thursday, February 8 at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon.

SABEX finalist

Ken Jackson, Intelliconn's CEO, was asked to be one of the presenters at the Smart Agri-food Super Cluster Digital / Connectivity Community Engagement Session.

Intelliconn is proud to be part of a group of amazing companies including Microsoft, Trimble, Bayer, Telus, and many others that are asking the federal government for $250 million to fund projects that enhance agricultural productivity, profitability, and sustainability.

The session takes place January 16th, 2018 in Ottawa, Ontario. Topics for the day include:

  • Agriculture 5.0 – Convergence on the Farm
  • Why the Smart Agri-Food Super Cluster?
  • What happens when we connect the farm?
  • How could machine learning help to connect the farm to the fork?
  • Leveraging analytics/data to sustainably increase farm productivity?

We will update the group’s progress on our website and social media accounts. 

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