Intelliconn sells a wide range of next-generation wireless communication and remote monitoring and control products that greatly improve farm-wide connectivity and control.

Whether you want to monitor activity, or get data from equipment in the yard, or in the field, we can help keep you in touch and in control, wherever you are.

Intelliconn also has a Wi-Fi-based remote sensing and control products.

Our high-definition wireless cameras let you keep track of activity, day or night; bin and tank monitoring products track quantity and quality; there are sensors for almost anything, temperature, smoke and carbon monoxide, liquids, vibration, infrared, and door and gate status.

The AC control products let you remotely control, or set a timer, for temperature, fans, pumps, lights, heaters and other equipment.

Intelliconn’s long-range, Wi-Fi and wireless Ethernet products let you economically have farm-wide Wi-Fi to connect to all your sensor and controls, or collect data. We can create a wireless dome of up to 5 km over your yard, or fields, so connecting your monitoring and control products, or accessing the Internet from anywhere on your farm is easy.

Our wireless bridges reach up to 8 km, to connect other yards, or to connect to a better Internet source. Our long-range wireless Ethernet products also have meshing and repeating capability, which lets you connect multiple wireless products to expand your coverage even further.

We also make it easy to add our products your operation. Our ACCEs, which is short for Advanced Communication and Control Experts, will come and work with you to put together a wireless communication and monitoring and control system that meets your needs.

Our ACCEs also provide installation and technical support.

Whether you want to improve safety, security, manageability, or profitability, Intelliconn has a broad range of solutions to keep you in touch and in control.

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